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Corporate Values

Ames Code of Business

Ames' good name and reputation for business integrity are the results of its employees’ dedication, as well as conducting business honestly and fairly over the years. The manner in which we conduct ourselves as individuals and as Ames associates will impact our future business results and reputation.
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Ames Global Sourcing

Ames conducts business with a high ethical standard and expects the same performance from those who manufacture and supply our components and products. When we source goods from different parts of the world, we make sure to provide clear guidelines for product quality, safety, and social responsibility to our suppliers.

Our global sourcing policies prohibit the use of child or prison labor, slavery, and human trafficking in the production of materials we sell. Our suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the conduct of their business with Ames and their products must meet regulatory and industry standards.

The Ames Global Sourcing Office validates that our supplier partners operate safe and ethical factory environments that produce reliable, quality products. We are driven to provide high-quality products produced by socially responsible suppliers and will continue to review our sourcing policies to insure we maintain the best practices possible.
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