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Raking Tips

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It seems like it goes from summer to autumn almost overnight and you wake up one morning to find your yard filled with leaves. You might be surprised to learn that the average tree has about 200,000 leaves. And, most, if not all of them, will end up in your yard.

When it is time to rake, a few simple tips can make a big difference in getting the job done with efficiency. And, you’ll have the added bonus of burning calories since the average person burns about 150 calories for every half hour of raking.

First, be sure you select the proper rake for the job. The heads of leaf rakes generally range from 24 to 30 inches in width with deep “baskets,” or bends in the tines at the base of the rake to capture leaves and debris. You’ll want a lightweight rake where all tines touch the ground at the same time. This makes for the most efficient raking. Finally, evaluate the rake handle. Look for cushion grips for comfort with a minimum of a 48” handle; or select an even longer 60” handle for extended reach. You’ll find these features in the UnionTools Wet-N-Dry™  or 30-inch poly leaf rakes.

When you are ready to rake, start in a corner of your yard raking up leaves straight across from one corner to the other corner horizontally. Rake your leaves into a line of leaves as you go along. As you finish each row, rake the line towards the middle forming a pile. Use long sweeping fast rake motions. Rakes with larger capacity allow you to collect large amounts of leaves quickly.

With your leaves in a pile, they are ready to bag for disposal. If you are moving them to the curb for pick-up, you can use a large square of burlap or some other tarp under the piles to easily move them to the street.