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Mulching Tips

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1. The benefits of mulching are numerous. Mulching not only retains moisture, protects plants and prevents weeds, but it also beautifies your landscape.

2. Tan bark mulch is the most popular type of mulch and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is available in bags or bulk to save money.

3. It is important not to spread your mulch too thick: 2-4 inches provides the right amount of coverage. Also, be sure leave 2-4 inches of air space between the trunk of your plants and the mulch to prevent suffocating the plant.

4. Several products to consider when mulching: Work gloves prevent wear on your hands. Since mulch is light compared to other materials like soil, a larger capacity wheelbarrow (8-10 cubic feet) saves time when transporting mulch to your garden or flower beds. A bow rake is great for spreading mulch evenly.

Insider Tip: A manure fork is the best tool for unloading and spreading mulch